Internal medicine

The Internal Medicine deals with all problems that can neither be solved with a scalpel, nor with thread or scissors. For diagnostics, state-of-the-art technical equipment like Endoscopy (use of specular reflection in for example airways or stomach), Electromyography, Ultrasound, X-Ray, MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) etc.) are available, besides using the 5 senses, the stethoscope and thermometer.

Furthermore, we are completed by a competent, accredited Clinical Laboratory.

Along with having skilled staff and special equipment, the infrastructure is also important; having the possibility to place patients with contagious diseases in a so-called isolation stables or accommodate horses with an allergic-chronic bronchitis in a special stable low in allergens or in designated outdoor stabling in order to test the effect of a consequent change in the keeping and feeding of these horses.

At the Division of Internal Medicine we do not only treat urgent problems, such as a sudden colic with heavy pains, shortness of breath, fever or neurological problems, but also examine the causes of chronic problems such as coughing and nasal discharge, progressive weight loss, recurrent colic, skin changes, difficult urination, renal insufficiency, liver problems, problems with hormonal balance as well as the Equine Cushing Syndrome etc.

Another important part of Internal Medicine is Neonatology and Pediatrics, the examination and care of newborn and young foals.

At the Equine Clinic in Bern, all areas in Surgery and Orthopedics of the horse are covered. In the area of soft part surgery, particularly abdominal surgery (for instance, colic surgery) and the surgery of the upper airways (for instance, laryngoplasty) have to be mentioned.

Laparoscopic procedures cover the minimally invasive surgical procedures, notably ovariectomy of the mare (removal of the ovaries due to tumors) and the laparoscopic cryptorchid surgery (removal of a testicle located in the abdominal cavity).