Surgery and Orthopedics

The Orthopedic Surgery (lameness exam) relies strongly on so-called minimally invasive procedures. Arthroscopy enables surgeries on joints via very small entries. Arthroliths, for instance („Chips“) can be removed without damage. Fractures in horses are a dreaded problem and still mostly viewed as being untreatable in general.

Osteosynthesis is also highly developed for horses, and many fractures can be fixed with screws and plates with good chances of full recovery.

Excellent technical equipment is a basic requirement for the modern Equine Surgery. We are able to offer the latest equipment such as arthroscopes, laparoscopes or flexible video endoscopes for the most minimally invasive surgery, AO instruments for the treatment of fractures, or laser equipment (CO2 laser, diode laser) for specific surgical interventions, for instance in the upper airways area or for the removal of sarcoids.


The surgeon’s know-how however, is the most important factor in the broad variety of what we can offer. Hence, internationally well-trained specialists are working at ISME. In addition, we collaborate with external experts for specialized dental procedures.