Fertility disorders

Fertility disorders in breeding animals with a high breeding potential are not a rarity and of significance technically, emotionally as well as economically. In spite of most modern breeding methods and – management, foal rates are still lower than in nature.

ISME has conducted controlled studies with mares which had permanent contact with stallions and significant changes in their sexual behavior as well as an improved fertility could be detected. After various follow-up studies with the collaboration of the Veterinary College Hannover, the Vetsuisse Faculty Bern as well as the Universities Lausanne and Neuchâtel, the goal is now to further research interactions between mares and stallions.

Thus, a new basis is being created to understand the social and sexual behavior of horses, which leads to an improvement in fertility and to provide safety on one hand. While on the other hand, ethical concerns in the context of reproduction methods in horses can be more efficiently addressed. Additionally new interesting insights can be expected in further fields such as „biodiversity „and „vitality of descendants“.


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